A car, a motorcycle, a truck, or any vehicle can break down anywhere and anytime. Even if you have maintained your car properly, it is still just a machine. At the end of the day, it will suddenly stop working. Of course, this can be extremely frustrating, especially if it happens at the least unexpected times. There are a lot of reasons why this happens. This includes icy or wet roads, mechanical failure, wiring failure, an accident, or something that is extremely hard to pinpoint. Whenever times like this happen to you, an expert towing company Montgomery AL can be really handy. They can help move your car safely and easily without damaging it.  

For those who don’t know, there are several kinds of tow trucks. These trucks are used in various occasions and various vehicles. Here are some of them. 

Flatbed Towing Trucks 

The flatbed tow truck is one of the most popular tow trucks. You can see it almost anywhere since it is the type of tow truck that is widely used. It has a flatbed or a long platform at the rear. This will hold a car in place. For easy towing of the vehicle, the flatbed moves up and down with the use of hydraulics. If the vehicle isn’t operating, it can easily be pulled up to the ramp. On the other hand, you can easily drive the car into the ramp if it is operational. Typically, cars that have suffered a lot of damages or high-value vehicles are towed on this type of tow truck. 

Hook and Chain Tow Trucks 

This is one of the oldest types of tow trucks and possibly one of the firsts. The hook and chain tow truck, as the name implies, has a long chain that lifts the car off the ground and a large hook that cradles the car being towed. But, this will place the towed car under a lot of pressure. Therefore, it isn’t the safest type of tow truck. This type of tow truck can be used for towing motorcycles or any vehicles that weigh lighter than average.  

HeavyDuty Tow Trucks 

heavy-duty tow truck will easily get the job done if the car that requires towing is a huge vehicle such as a semi-truck or a truck. A heavy-duty tow truck has the ability to carry heavy items. It is developed for greater stability and strength that is needed carrying vehicles that weigh a lot. 

Winch Out Tow Trucks 

This is the type of tow truck that a company will use whenever a vehicle gets stuck in broken pavements, snow, or mud. It easily lifts the stuck car and places it back on the flat ground. 

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks 

It is like the hook and chain tow truck. However, it uses a metal yoke instead of a hook and chain. This will help lower the pressure on the towed car. Thus, it also lowers the possibility of damage. That is why it’s better than the hook and chain tow truck.