There are some things better in our lives than having a summer road trip. But, your trip could instantly become a nightmare when your vehicle begins to have issues midway through the journey. Hence, it is very needed to take some of your time preparing your vehicle before you go on a road trip. If you do not want to end up stuck in an unfamiliar part of the country waiting in a tow truck to lessen the chances of a breakdown. Here are 6 things you should do before you hit the road with your friends or family: 

Check the battery 

One of the major causes of breakdown and one of the most preventable is a dead battery. You can tell that this is the problem if your vehicle struggles to start or stop dead. Hence, you should test your battery first to guarantee that it is in great condition and can withstand your upcoming long drive. You will never regret doing this.  


Get an oil change 

Similar to our car batteries, we tend to overlook checking our oil before heading out on a long drive. Although doing this could be a bad idea because similar to contaminated and old oil, it could result in some critical engine issues, eventually making it impossible to jump. Do not simply check the oil and add more of it to recompense for the drive. Instead, you should get a complete oil change to make sure that the components and the engine run smoothly. After all, you are driving several miles, so most likely you would want the cat to perform at optimal levels.  


Inspect Tires 

A blown tire or getting a flat tire is another issue that can be prevented, which causes countless breakdowns. While you will be driving long distances all over different surfaces as it is vital to check your tires’ overall condition. You can begin by changing from winter to regular tires if needed, looking for particular indications of surface damage such as a puncture, while checking the tread on every tire for wearing. If ever the tread is worn you must get new tires or else they might fail while you are on your road trip.  


Check Brake Pads 

For road safety, car breaks are important. So, you need to make sure that you check theses for indications of wearing before your road trip. Because of the importance of your brake pads, it is highly recommended that you get your pads checked by a mechanic to know how safe they are. Repairs and replacements are relatively cheaper, so it would be worth it if you get them checked.  


Get the car serviced 

Given that you have a lot of things for your car that needs to be checked, it could be a great idea if to get your vehicle serviced by a professional before your road trip. This is because servicing mostly covers these checks and it would guarantee that a trained expert will perform the inspection and only make the appropriate replacements or repairs. If you are interested in doing so, visit Auburn Towing now and find out the products and services available in our site.