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Keep your Charts Current

Natural and artificial changes—many of them critical—are occurring constantly. Shoals shift, channels change and buoys get move, just to name a few. Below are some examples that illustrate such changes. For more information about changes to your chart, visit http://ocsdata.ncd.noaa.gov/nm/nmUpdates.asp.

Channel Dredging Before ImageChannel Dredging After Image

Channel Dredging — Before and After

Major Shorline Reconstruction Before ImageMajor Shorline Reconstruction After Image

Major Shoreline Reconstruction — Before and After

Subsurface Obstructions Before ImageUpdated Marina Charts After Image

Subsurface Obstructions — Before and After

Updated Marina Charts Before ImageUpdated Marina Charts After Image

Marina Changes — Before and After

The U.S. Coast Guard’s Homeland Security designation of restricted security zones.

Image of Security Zones

Download the actual USCG Miami Security Zone flyer
There are three other restricted security zones across Florida and 42 across the U.S.